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Lose 6-8 kg in 10 days with boosting or detox drinks

Lose 6-8 kg in 10 days with boosting or detox drinks


Shedding weight has always never been a trouble-free task, but at the same time, everyone wants to lose weight without exercise, or dieting. Devouring weight loss pills and powder is also regarded as very risky for health. So finally you have only the option, of weight loss drinks, also known as "Detox drinks".

Detox drinks work by floating down the toxins or hazardous elements in the body, then eliminated by sweating, urination, and stool.

If you desire to lose weight 6 to 8 kg in 10 days, typically for belly fat burning, it sounds really out of reach, but detox drinks are thought to be extremely potent, powerful, and, healthy.

These boosting drinks not only facilitate shedding weight but also augment your metabolism and digestion. 

8 benefits of weight loss drinks:

  • It facilitates quick weight loss.
  • Help to make skin healthy.
  • Heightens energy                                  
  • It rounds to rinse out the Liver
  • Trim down body inflammation 
  • Go beyond to get rid of toxins from the human body
  • Confer from constipation.
  • Resolved headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue

1.  Lemonade:

Due to having a load of vitamin C in lemon, lemonade is considered the best remedy for heatstroke. The fiber in lemon gives you the full feeling. When we add salt to this, it helps to maintain the PH level in the body. Finally, it leads to bodyweight shedding.

How to make lemonade:

In a glass of water add 1 lemon juice and a pinch of salt, mix it well and add some ice, and enjoy.

Lose 6-8 kg in 10 days with boosting or detox drinks

2. Chia seeds with lemon drink:

Chia seeds seem to be tiny particles, but they're extremely loaded in nutrients, such as omega -3, fiber antioxidants, and minerals, which may endorse heart well-being. Calcium, iron, and magnesium support physically powerful bones and improve blood sugar management.

Lemon as mentioned above, helps heart health, supports digestive health, prevents kidney stones, works against anemia, reduces cancer risk, and last but not least, it is very helpful for fat burning, leading to weight shed.


Take ½ tsp of chia seeds in half a glass of water, soak it for 1 hour, then add the half lemon juice, add some chilled water to make a full glass, and drink it, It is suitable as a morning drink.

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3. Coconut water with mint and lemon drink:

Coconut water considers a sports drink. It is low in calorie and carbohydrates, high in potassium, prevent kidney stones, promote heart health, is free of fat and cholesterol, and assists in healthy weight loss.

Lemon benefits are described as above.   

This boosting drink removes the pollutants or toxins from your liver, and intestinal tract and leaves you with decreased belly fat which means you will feel low in weight.

Mint is a very common ingredient in South Asian kitchens. It helps to decrease cold symptoms, improve brain functions, decline breastfeeding pain, and work against bowel syndrome.


Take a glass of coconut water add a few drops of lemon, and 10 leaves of mint, blend them well, and enjoy the powerful drink.

4. Ginger, carrot and orange drink:

This drink is very famous in south Asian countries. It is an ancient old age remedy as mothers, advised their daughters and, granddaughters for healthier skin and perfect body shape. 

Ginger is said to be a very powerful herb or vegetable for fast digestion assisting with bloating, stomach spasms, and as mentioned above fast metabolic rate. In addition, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Carrots are very helpful for improving the eye side because it has lots of vitamin A. Fibers and beta-carotene in carrots facilitate fast weight shedding. 


  • 5 carrots  
  • 2 oranges
  • 3-inches piece of ginger.

How to make:

Peel off all three ingredients. Cut them into small pieces. Blend them in a blender with water properly. Add some ice if you are having it in summer, otherwise is no need for ice. Just enjoy the taste of the drink which leads to the enjoyment of weight loss.

5. Mint and cucumber detox drink:

Cucumber has refreshing and cooling effects having more water content to promote hydration. It contains antioxidants and many vital minerals and vitamins that help in weight loss and lesser glucose levels in the body. 

Mint as explained above, decline the cold symptoms, control bowel syndrome, and helps to decrease breastfeeding pain. 


Very simple to make, just wash, peel and, cut the cucumbers into small pieces. Wash the mint leaves (10 to 15). Transfer them to the blender and blend them thoroughly, add some ice and chilled water,and water should be in less quantity as cucumber has its water then, you can intermingle it properly Prettify with mint leaves and lemon slices, take pleasure from the summer delight. 

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