The aomicron variant is a variant of SARS-CoV-2A  is highly transmissible that was first reported on the 24th of November 2021 from South Africa to the World Health Organization.

In this editorial, we will thrash out, how the omicron variant extended? In which part of the world is it present? Does omicron more severe than the COVID-19 variant?, is it more contagious( transmittable)? is it cause different symptoms than COVID-19other strains?

How the Omicron variant extended? 

As a rule virus can replicate faster than other unicellular organisms. They can circulate extensively and cause abundant infections, then the probability of virus mutation raises. More opportunities of spreading virus get more chances of going through changes.

The variant of COVID-19 reminiscent of the omicron  reminds us that this pandemic is far from over. It is essential to people get an immunization shot whenever it's available to them, and follow all the preventive measures advised by WHO  in order to prevent the spreading of the virus, such as wearing a mask or veil, maintaining physical distancing, hand washing regularly, and maintain good indoor ventilation.

Accessibility to vaccines for people everywhere is essential, especially in lower-income countries.

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Does Omicron variant more severe than other COVID-19 variant? 

Where is it present?

After detecting in South Africa in November 20212, omicron variant had documented in various countries in the world. 

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Does the Omicron variant more severe than other COVID-19 variants? 

As contrast to the Delta variant, there is a lessened threat of hospitalization. However WHO cautions that patients should not discharged as "mild " 

 Areas where the vaccination level is lessen among the susceptible inhabitants, increased numbers of COVID-19-related deaths due to the omicron variant have reported in many countries.

So there is a need to know that all variants of COVID-19 could be the source of severe disease or death if it spreads widely. Reduced exposure to the virus can change the scenario.

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Does the Omicron variant more contagious or transmittable? 

The answer is yes, omicron variant is more transmittable than the preceding variants. On the other hand, if you will vaccinate yourself and follow preventive measures, such as maintaining distance, wearing a mask or a veil, and washing hands frequently. These helping factors to prevent the spread of infection or increasing cases.

Does the Omicron variant cause different symptoms?  

Not sufficient information is advocated about the difference between the symptoms of COVID-19 and the omicron variant yet. However, it characteristically causes less severe disease than preceding/previous variants like Delta variant specifically.

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