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Monkeypox outbreak in May 2022, what should we need to know


Monkeypox outbreak in May 2022, At present, monkeypox is a global topic of discussion and fear also. Because after the pandemic of COVID-19 and then its variants outbreak, everybody is living with the fear of their effects on personal, social, and the most imperative economics worldwide. 

Vaccines for Monkeypox are available but most of them are not extensively accessible to the general public. Concerns about the Monkeypox vaccine side effects still existing, so, JYNNEOS vaccine (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex) will be discussed with the priority bases in this piece of writing with  the side effects of JYNNEOS vaccine.

In this editorial we will highlight the details about Monkeypox disease, virus structure, about the outbreak in May 2022, and the questions come in the mind of everyone like 

  • Can people die from this disease?
  • Is it fetal?
  • treatment for Monkeypox
  • Is there any vaccine against Monkeypox?
  • JYNNEOS vaccine
  • Side effects of JYNNEOS vaccine

What is Monkeypox disease?

Monkeypox is an illness reasoned by the monkeypox virus. It is considered a "zoonotic illness. 

But it can also spreads from human to human with direct or indirect contact. In general, monkey pox  found in West and Central Africa, where people are infrequently identified with monkeypox in other countries' outer sides of central and west Africa, going after traveling from the areas where monkeypox endemic occurs. 

Structure of virus:

Monkeypox virus is a double-stranded DNA virus. DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid (a vital part of any cell).

Enveloped monkeypox virus lives with unusual rodents and non-human mandrills (monkey-like) as hosts.

The virus has classified into two distinctive genetic clades

  • Central African (Congo Basin) clade
  • West African clade

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Monkeypox outbreak in May 2022
Structure of Monkeypox virus

What should we know about the outbreak (epidemic) of monkeypox identified in numerous countries in May 2022?

Many states of the World, where monkeypox is not endemic yet, have reported cases in May 2022.

Since 19 May 2022, cases being identified and reported from more than ten(10) countries in non-endemic states. Auxiliary, cases are being investigating.

In May 2022, there is no evident association between the cases reported with infected animals and travel from the endemic areas.

Studies are in progress in affected countries to find out the source of infection of each identified case and the accomplishment to provide medical care and bound additional spread.

This epidemic is distressing for several people, particularly the populace whose beloved has influenced. The most important immediately is that we should raise consciousness about monkeypox amongst the people, who are most at threat of infection, and make available advice on how to bounds more spreading between populations.

Secondly, it is also significant that public health workers should be able to recognize and cares for patients.

Can people die from monkeypox?

In majority of the patients, the symptoms of this illness subside on their own, but in some cases, it can lead to medical complications, even death can happens.

Newborns, children, and people with weak immune systems may be at risk of more severe symptoms and death from monkeypox. 

 Is it fetal?

Complications of severe patients of monkeypox comprise pneumonia, eye infections, skin infections, and confusion that can lead to loss of vision.

Approximately 3 to 6 % of reported patients have led to death in endemic states in the current era.

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Treatment for monkeypox:

Usually, monkeypox symptoms subside on their own without any treatment. However, it is essential to take care of the rash by allowing them to dry if feasible or by wrapping it with wet dressing to guard the area.

Also, avoid touching the sore in the mouth or eyes. Rinse the mouth and use eyes drops as your physician prescribed. Avoid cortisone-containing products as long as possible.

Vaccinia immunoglobulin (VIG) might be used for severe patients but only after the doctor's recommendation.

In January 2022, an antiviral was developed to treat smallpox (tecovirimat) and was also permitted for the treatment of monkeypox. 

Is there any vaccine against monkeypox?

There are some vaccines accessible for the deterrence of smallpox that also can make available some protection against the monkeypox infection.

A new vaccine that was made for smallpox, like MVA-BN, also famous as Immune, Imanex, or Jones) approved in 2019 for averting monkeypox but is not extensively available so far.

People, who have vaccinated against smallpox previously also have some defense against monkeypox.

The original vaccines for smallpox are no longer accessible for the general people, and the people below the age of 49 to 50 years are improbable to have been vaccinated since 1980 smallpox vaccination finished. After that smallpox became the first disease to be exterminated.

Several laboratory recruits or health workers might be vaccinated with the further current smallpox vaccine.

JYNNEOS vaccine for Monkeypox:

JYNNEOS is an FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved vaccine to prevent Monkeypox infection feasible for 18 years or more 18, having side effects mentioned below.

JYNNEOS vaccine may reduce the possibility of infection if a person gets it before exposure or within 4 days of exposure.

It can lower the severity of Monkeypox symptoms if given five and 14 days after exposure to the virus.

If you want full vaccination and get more advantages from the JYNNEOS vaccine you have to take a booster dose 2 weeks after your second shot of this vaccine.

When you take your all booster doses of the JYNNOES vaccine, health experts suggest that you should try to protect yourself from infection by taking some measures like sex or another intimate contact, and skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.

Side effects of JYNNEOS vaccine:

Following side effects, you may experience.

  • If you are healthy you may experience muscle pain, Nausea, chills, headache, redness, pain at the injection site, firmness, swelling, or itching near the injection side.
  • If you are eczema or HIV-positive adult, you will not experience mentioned above skin related problems.
  • Contraindications for JYNNEOS vaccine comprise abrupt reaction to any constituent of the vaccine such as benzonase, ciprofloxacin, egg protein, and gentamicin.
  • If person get Monkeypox infection after taking first dose of JYNNEOS vaccine, it is recommend that should not take booster dose at this time.
  • If you experienced any side effects or reactions after taking the first dose of the vaccine, get notify your health experts and converse the risks and assistances of getting the second dose.

Immediately call your medical help center, if you experienced symptoms of an allergic reaction. These symptoms may contain swelling of the face and throat, hives, a fast heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, weakness, or dizziness.

When you will get your first of two doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine, you must receive your second dose in about 28 days. Try to get an appointment for a second dose near your health center.

It is recommended that when you take your first dose of the JYNNEOS vaccine save your dose documented letters, you may take a photo of it to store on your phone, so whenever you go for a second dose attendant will need this documentation.

Remember you are not protected after just one dose of the JYNNEOS vaccine, a booster dose is required, and it will take time to produce a protective immune response in the body.  

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