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Today cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan, causes and solutions, for sudden spike. 2022

 The dangerous illness is raising its head again in Pakistan after almost a five-month break since the last flood of COVID-19 hit the country.

Today cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan, causes, solutions, medication and vaccination for sudden spike


This editorial will primarily aimed to emphasize on  

  • New wave of COVID-19 in Pakistan.
  • Daily Positive cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan
  • Today death rate of COVID in Pakistan
  • Total vaccinated people in Pakistan so far
  • Factors behind the sudden spike or new wave in Pakistan
  • Primary challenges of new wave of COVID-19 of Pakistan

Today cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan 05 July 2022

According to National institute of Health Pakistan 05 July 2022  

Total tests in 24 hours 18,950 

Positive case 653

Positivity % 3.45

Death case 00

Patients on critical care 162

Factors behind the sudden new spike

As per the given information, In the new rush of COVID, hospitalization of patients with serious symptoms has extended, but not as much as it did during the Delta wave, yet some of the individuals starting to appear to be admitted to hospitals every day, which is alarming, to take immediate actions.

People felt hesitant to receive available vaccinations due to misinformation and myths connected with them. The socio-segment factors including male, age, conjugal status, presently utilized, from center financial status, living in an urban area, high admittance to broad communications, active work, history of flu immunization, and saw great health status were altogether connected with COVID-19 vaccination take-up. Purposeful endeavors are expected to accomplish immunization focuses for the more extensive populace through understanding and recognizing hindrances to vaccination.


Starting from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan has encountered four flood pandemics. The fourth wave finished, in October 2021 while the fifth flood of the pandemic beginnings in January 2022. The information with respect to the coursing strains after the fourth influx of pandemics from Pakistan isn't accessible.

Nov-Dec 2021 BA. 1 and AY.27 (variants of SARS-CoV-2) were found in Islamabad. The dissemination of omicron (BA.1) in the populace before the fifth flood of the pandemic and resulting upsurges of COVID-19 positive cases in Pakistan feature the significance of genomic reconnaissance.


Today cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan, causes, solutions, medication and vaccination 

Feasible Potential Solutions

The accompanying key arrangements are proposed to conquer the issue of COVID-19. These arrangements are

  • The public authority should build the limit of serious consideration units outfitted with ventilators and related gear. As of now, just 1,500 ventilators are accessible all through the country, which isn't sufficient to adapt to the emergent circumstance. Likewise, just a single specialist is accessible for every 1,720 patients. This overburdens specialists who are treating COVID-19 patients notwithstanding their ordinary patients.
  • The SOPs, suggested by the Government during the period of Ramadan and Eid, should be firmly followed.
  • By taking reaction from specialists, results show that execution of smart lockdowns in impacted regions, meeting the least measures of general health guidelines, and restricted activities of public transportation are the main procedures. Results give an essential rule to legislatures to go to important lengths and designate assets appropriately.
  • https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19371918.2022.2066042
  • A campaign should be introduced to make more awareness among people in regards to the utilization of facial coverings or masks and hand washing, and try to staying away from close contact with infected individuals.
  • There is a need to foster consensus-based national standard operating procedures(SOPs) to control the COVID-19 circumstance keeping the rules of the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), and  World health organization (WHO).
  • The public authority should report a cost limit for corona vaccination for the private sector and it must be essentially as low as could be expected. It very well might be called attention to that many developed countries have previously fixed the cost of immunization in their countries.
  • Last but not least that in currently, just 20 biosafety research laboratories are functional in Pakistan, which is not much as needed,  and these have a testing capacity of 60,000 tests each day. The current numbers of biosafety regulation level 3 research centers (BSL-3) require 15 extra labs to accomplish an objective of 100,000 tests every day.

Today cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan, causes, solutions, for sudden spike

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