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Switzerland’s UNIL Offers Scholarship for Master’s Degree for Foreign Student.2022-23



Scholarships in Switzerland 2022 and 2023. Scholarships can uphold students who fall in the hole between high and low-pay levels — students who may not fit the bill for a need-based grant and who don't meet the standards for a legitimacy-based grant. Foreign scholarship likewise declines the number and measure of advances or loans students need to take to finish studies.

Most of the students love to get scholarships in Europe so here we aimed to provide all facts about Switzerland's foreign degree scholarships in Europe, which lead your career to the best job opportunities. UNIL Masters Scholarships in Switzerland 2022 and 2023 offers Master Degree program for foreign students. Host University have its own UNIL fitness gyms and sports clubs, so foreign students can maintain their fitness near the academy. 

University Name:   University of Lausanne

The degree offers: Masters's Degree

Country:    Switzerland

Deadline for submission: 1st November 2022 (annual)

Starting date of the course: 2023 September

Scholarship Description:

For students who want to study in Switzerland with a scholarship, the University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers the UNIL Master’s Grants on a competitive basis.

The targeted group of students

International students

Host Institution

University of Lausanne Switzerland (Europe)

Fields offer for a degree

All Master’s Degree programs offered by the UNIL, except the following

  • Master of Law (only two specializations, “International and Comparative Law” and “Legal theory”)
  • Master of criminal Law, magistracy specialism
  • Master in Science in Health Sciences
  •  MSc. (Master in Science) in sustainable Management and Technology
  • MSc. from the School of Medicine
  • All MASs (PhD. Programs)
  • MSc. in education
  • MSc. in Physical Education and Sports Didactics

Numbers of Scholarship

Around 10

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Scholarship program duration

Applicants who proffered a grant will be separated from the fixed enrollment expenses for the projects/courses, barring the CHF 80.00 charges to be compensated every semester.

The Scholarship will be supported for the minimal legislative period of the program selected by the applicant. This amount to CHF 16,00/month from the fifteenth of September to the fifteenth of July or you can say 10 months every year for the whole time of the expert's is one and a half years or two years relying upon the chosen master's degree of the program by the student, with the prohibition of instances of unmistakable failure after the first year.

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Eligibility Criteria.

  • The applicant must not have been enrolled in the host university (UNIL) in the previous academic sessions
  •  Students who want to get a scholarship must have gained a foreign institute degree that is considered equal to a bachelor's at the host university (UNIL) before the master's degree program at UNIL.
  • Applicant must have a language level of a minimum B2 which is a global scale according to the European Language Portfolio, in English or French according to the language course in which the applicant selected master is qualified.
  • Applicant should have made a distinction herself/himself during studies or program, especially through principally bright academic results.
  • Applicant must have paid the CHF 200.00 as administration/enrollment fees. 

Instructions for Application

The deadline for the applicant is the 1st of November to start a master’s degree program throughout the subsequent year, in the summer or autumn semester if the program gave permits. The postmark will be confirmed for the launch.

It is recommendable for the applicant that read properly the UNIL Master’s Grant FAQs (Frequently asked questions.

Applicants must visit the official website to access the application form or list of attachments in this website you will get detailed information on how to apply for a UNIL scholarship

A student who wants to get enrollment in UNIL must send their inclusive application that needed documents unbound by post at the university’s address, rather than via the Admission department.

UNIL Fitness

Lausanne University Sports offers more than 120 sporting and physical activities at different timing so that students can find something they want according to their fitness status. The University sports department also organizes camps for surfing, and kite-surfing, as one-off excursions like snowshoeing, hiking, and many more.

Lausanne Health and Sports Centre offer various health aspects and qualified sportsperson.

South of the cantonal road Students works on their body and North of the road work on their mind so that as a bonus it helps work their minds.

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